• The beef is amazing!!! Satisfied is an understatement. The ground burger is great, the steaks are delicious and the roasts are fantastic! Thanks for the email and I will for sure refer anyone that is looking for high quality beef to you guys! Thank you!
    — T.H.
  • Wow! Just about ate the whole package of bacon myself! Very good!!
    — L.H.
  • We absolutely love the pork and beef we got from you this fall and the other couples we are sharing it with say the same. Thank you for all you do to make it happen!
    — C.H.


Do you ever struggle with juggling your busy schedule and getting healthy food on the table?

A quarter of beef may be the solution!

Ground beef is the most popular cut among busy families.  Having it on hand is a lifesaver for the nights you get home and realize you forgot to plan supper!

Have something special to celebrate? What better way than with a grass-fed T-bone steak.  

Running kids to and from practice can complicate getting supper on the table. Throw a frozen chuck roast in the crock-pot before you leave with some potatoes and carrots. Your family will think you’ve spent the entire day in the kitchen.  


There isn't much in this world that can top bacon from happy pigs.

Our pigs spend their days roaming in fresh grass, rolling in mud puddles, and getting their ears scratched. 

They are also spoiled rotten with fresh, raw milk which makes incredibly juicy pork chops

You'll have every season covered when you buy half a hog...

Easter ham in the spring, grilled brats in the summer, homemade lard pie crusts for Thanksgiving in the fall, and pork roast for homemade soup in winter.



Fresh air + sunshine + lush green grass = one tasty bird!

Make your dollars stretch by purchasing whole chickens...

Roast a chicken for supper, make soup with the leftovers and then make gut-healing bone broth with the carcass.




Have you ever wondered if there is a difference between brown eggs and white eggs?

It's quite simple...gray/brown chickens lay brown eggs and white chickens lay...yep, you guessed it - white eggs.

The real question you should be asking is what color is the yolk.  

What you want to see is a deep golden, almost orange colored yolk.  This indicates the chicken has spent her life outside and has enjoyed eating fresh grass and bugs.  

Eggs are available for purchase at our farm.  Come and visit us! We would love to meet you!