Homemade Kefir



By downloading this guide you have taken one more step towards improving your health and feeling great! You should be so proud of yourself!!  

Kefir is one of the easiest, inexpensive "super foods" you can make.  Follow these simple steps and you'll be enjoying your first glass of kefir in no time!


  • a quart of raw milk
  • about 2 tsp kefir grains
  • empty quart jar (I find wide mouth jars less messy because the strainer fits in them better than narrow mouth)
  • coffee filter
  • rubber-band

1) Put the kefir grains into your quart jar.

2) Fill the jar with milk.

3) Place the coffee filter on the jar and place the rubber-band over the top to hold it in place.

4) Leave the kefir sit on your counter for 2 days.                                                                                                                                The kefir grains will ferment the milk by eating the lactose (sugars) in the milk.  Once the 2 days is up, the milk will be thickened, similar to yogurt.  

After it reaches this consistency, you are ready for step 2.


  • a quart of raw milk
  • 2 empty wide mouth quart jars
  • small strainer
  • your rubber-band & coffee filter from step 1

1) Place your strainer on top of an empty quart jar. 

2) Pour the kefir through the strainer into the empty jar.                                                                                                                   Due to the consistency, you may need to hit the strainer on the jar to get the kefir to go through into the jar.

3) Strain the entire jar of kefir to find the kefir grains.

4) Once you have found them, place the kefir grains into another empty jar.

5) Fill the jar with the grains with milk and place the coffee filter and rubber-band on the top to start the process all over again!

 Store the kefir that you just strained in the refrigerator.


The cool part about kefir grains is they grow every time you feed them!  This is part of what makes them so forgiving....you'll always have more to replace them and you can give them to your family and friends and share the love!


Kefir can have a distinct taste to those who aren't used to drinking it.  It can be a bit tangy for some.  You can play with how "tangy" it is by shortening or lengthening the ferment time (aka how long you leave it sit on your counter).  Also, as the grains multiply fermentation happens quicker because there are more grains eating up the sugars.  If it's fermenting more quickly than you'd like, take some of the grains out and give them to someone else.  

To start drinking kefir and to get my kids to drink it I mix it with some frozen fruit. Bananas are really great but any frozen fruit you have on hand works well.  I also like to sneak in some kale or spinach, depending what I have on hand making it a super healthy snack.