Our Top 6 Bloopers Revealed

If you haven’t noticed, I typically don’t post about our failures on Facebook or Instagram.

Mostly because I’m not one that likes to admit I’m wrong, let alone announce it to the whole world.

That’s why it took me a long time to muster up the courage to post them.

My deepest apologies if I’ve fooled you into believing we’re living in a fantasy land...it’s far from a fantasy some days!

I’m not sharing our failures because I’m looking for sympathy. I’m sharing them to give you a glimpse into what really goes on behind the scenes around here.

Beef Roast So Delicious It'll Make Your Hubby Groan

I don't know about you, but it's tradition for us to have turkey on Thanksgiving.

Truth be told...I don’t even like turkey and there are many things I'd much rather eat than turkey. (Sorry mom)

One of these things is the amazing beef roast I made last week.  It was so good Tom actually groaned the first bite. True story.

So I got to thinking…if it’s good enough for a groan, it certainly is good enough for Thanksgiving, right?!  (Can you honestly say you’ve ever heard anyone let out a groan after taking their first bite of turkey??….just sayin’)

This Thanksgiving here’s how you can simplify and $ave with making a beef roast instead of turkey.