10 "Round-Up" Free Breakfast Ideas for Back to School

How many people saw this kind of picture are now starting to question how their food is raised?

If this isn’t enough to make you think twice about pouring it into your kid’s cereal bowl, I don’t know what is.

So what’s a mom to feed her kiddos when she’s already stretched so thin?  Asking you to do 1 more thing seems impossible.

I’ve put together some of our favorite for you: 10 “Round-Up” Free Breakfast Ideas for Back to School.

Why is my raw milk yellow?!

Have you noticed that your fresh raw milk is...uhh...yellow??

You’re probably thinking WTH? (family friendly here on the farm)

You may have had thoughts like…

“Is this safe to drink?”

“Something must be seriously wrong with this milk because milk should be white...”

“What have I gotten myself into?”

“Could someone please explain to me what’s going on here?!”

There are some SERIOUS health benefits happenin' with raw grass-fed milk - it literally is liquid gold. Let's take a closer look....